Divina Online Dark Cleric Ability Guide

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In case you'd like some direction for your Dark Cleric, here are a few builds you can look over.
Keep in mind these are not "ideal" builds, so feel free to experiment and make your own.

Burning Soul Soloer
This build focuses on raising SPI to get a high crit rate for the Burning Soul magic attack.
  • SPI
  • (Minimum) 20 PER
  • (Optional) CON
Recommended specialties are Sin and Hel's Fury.

#Comment: This is the build I use. It's fairly powerful, though the crits only become significantly frequent around level 50 or so. You'll be able to 2HKO most monsters. To save MP, you can place different levels of Burning Soul in the shortcut bar and use whichever is needed to finish off the enemy. This build is fairly safe in soloing, but is time-consuming not only because of the long cast of Burning Soul but also the 1-on-1 nature of using Burning Soul. It is good for managing MP, however.

Divina Online Light Cleric Ability Guide

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you'd like some direction on Light Cleric builds, here are some you can look over.
Keep in mind these are not "ideal" builds, so feel free to experiment and make your own.

As a side note, keep in mind that Heals will never miss.

Tank Healer
This build focuses on full CON for better survival in Instance Dungeons.
  • CON
  • (Optional) INT
Recommended specialties are Medic and Reverence.

#Comment: This build is the one deemed most useful for the level 60 cap by some clerics. Because high Crit Heal rates are only seen at higher levels, and because INT doesn't provide much extra MATK, more CON is the most visible bonus and leads to a longer-living cleric. Later dungeons have strong AoEs and DoTs, so having more HP will help you survive long enough to heal yourself and your party.

Divina Online Creature Tome List

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

= Sacred Springs =
**Lv.11 unlock after Creature Tome Pt.1 quest

* When transform into Whirlybird, you'll have a skill that give you a Whirlybird egg every 2 minutes. This egg can be use at lv.11 and above, When using it'll recover HP 150 and MP 117, 1 minutes cooldown after use.
divina online tome list

Divina Online Creature Tome Guide

Creature Tome is a tome that collect some specific monsters data on each map. Once the progress bar on any monster in your tome reach 100% you'll get a monster card which allow you to see concept art and allow you to use mimicry to transform into that monster.

What is mimicry?

Mimicry is a skill that allows you to transform yourself into a monster. Wow?! So, what is it good for? Some monsters will have a special skill that will be very helpful for you, such as free item, status boost, skill damage. Others? Nope. You just can transform and back into normal without nothing special. To use this skill, first you must complete the progress bar of the monster you want to transform into.
divina online what is crature tome
Open the Creature Tome menu by click that button in the game interface.-->

In the beginning, you will see many question marks along with map on top left and connection reward on the bottom left. This is your tome. Some monster will appear when you defeated it, along with its progress bar. For example :

Divina Online Sidekick's Skill List

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Basic type skill list:
   Strong Tackle - [Lv1: 118% physical attack power +7 damage]
   Provoke - [Cause 507 of hatred to an enemy]

Physical type skill list:
   Strong Tackle - [Lv1: 118% physical attack power +7 damage]
   Provoke - [Cause 507 of hatred to an enemy]

Magical type skill list:
   Strong Tackle - [Lv1: 118% physical attack power +7 damage]
   Air Compression - [Lv1: 171% magic attack power +40 damage]
   Heal - [Lv1: Recover HP base on 207% of magic attack power +49]

Assault type skill list:
   Strong Tackle - [Lv1: 118% physical attack power +7 damage]
   Provoke - [Cause 507 of hatred to an enemy]
   Comet Blow - [Lv1: 77% physical attack power,cause an effect that
                           does 70 damage every 3s, last for 12s.]
   Shooting Star - [Lv1: 121% physical attack power +103 damage, and reduce
                             physical,earth,fire,wind and water defense by 191.]

Divina Online Sidekick Evolution Guide

Sidekick can evolve into many types depends on how you teach it. As you may know that you can teach your sidekick to increase one of its main stats (STR, INT, DEX, PER, CON, or SPI) and of course, its level too. When your sidekick reaches certain level and reached the certain condition (maximum favor), it will evolve. By evolving, your sidekick will learn new skills depends on its type. Learn about its skill at "Divina Online Sidekick's Skill Guide"

Level---------Type-----------Evolution Requirement---------Resultant
11------------Basic-----------Str >= Int---------------------------Physical Type
-----------------------------   ---None of the above-------- ------Magical Type
41------------Physical-------Str = Int------------------------ ----Spirit Type
---------------------------  ------Con >= Str---------------------- ---Iron Type
-----------------------------  ----None of the above--------  ------Assault Type
41------------Magical--------Str = Int----------------------------Spirit Type
-------------------------------  ---Int >= 30---------------------- ----Element Type
-------------------------------  ---None of the above-------------Support Type
81------------Assault--------Str < 60-----------------------------Damage Type
------------------------------  ---Dex < 10--------------------- ------Damage Type
-----------------------------  ----Int >= 1---------------------- -------Berserk Type
-----------------------------  ----None of the above--------- -----Damage Type
81------------Iron------------Con >= 50----------------------  ---Fortress Type
---------------------------------Str >= 20--------------------- ------Guardian Type
---------------------------------None of the above-----------  ---Fortress Type
81------------Element-------Int < 50-------------------------- --Disposable Type
------------------------------ - --Spi < 10-------------------------- -Disposable Type
----------------------------- -- --Dex >= 10-------------------------Destructive Type
----------------------------- -- --None of the above--------------Disposable Type
81------------Support--------Con >= 10-------------------------Sacred Type
--------------------------------- -None of the above----------- --Silent Type
81------------Spirit------------Int >= Str--------------------------Water Spirit Type
-------------------------------- --None of the above--------------Flame Spirit Type

Divina Online Cleric's Status Consideration

Friday, August 3, 2012

"These souls dedicate their lives to keeping their friends strong and healthy
Some Clerics, however, turn away from the light to study the ways of harmful magic
Which way will you choose? Light or Dark? "

All information you read below is taken from Divina Online Official Forum
Thank a lot to LeRoi for this amazing guide!

First, you must understand about character status, read here :
    "Divina Online Character Status Guide"

Now, for a while every cleric claimed the best build was 20 PER and the rest SPI, with optional CON. Why? Because INT, what you would normally think of as a good stat, actually does little in the way of raising your magic attack. STR also is dubbed "useless" by the community. Most players salivate at the prospect of 100% chance of critically healing, which will allow you to heal for 1.5x your magic attack. On the flip side, if the player puts a lot of INT instead of SPI, the cleric would only get maybe 300 more HP healed than the usual 3500.