Divina Online Destructive Sorcerer Guide

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorcerers are undisputed kings or queens of harmful magic with the fully potential of controlling 4 elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind). Destructive Sorcerers focus on devastating forces of fire, while still learning another destructive spells (Earth, Water, Wind). These sorcerers are the most capable damage dealers in Divina Online. Whether they’re in solo or a party, Destructive Sorcerers are highly powerful of blasting a single target with concentrated elemental strikes.
destructive sorcerer guide divina online
Divina Online Destructive Sorecerer
Weapon :                                                                 Armor :
  -  Two Handed Magical                                        - Cloth Cores
  -  Magical Shield                                                    - Cloth Accessories
divina online destructive sorcerer build
Destructive Sorcerers are the biggest threat, especially for knights. Their high magic powers and destructive spells are considered to be the main reason. By focusing on single target, Destructive Sorcerers are capable of doing swift and deadly damage.
sorcerer divina destruction magic path status
Destructive Sorcerers Status Guide Review
Review by : mmorpg.com
Abillity Review
Above average damage than other classes
Lower defense than other classes
Strong when solo even under attack
In a party
Highly effective in a party due to strong attack, crowd control, and healing powers
Battle Time
Can last for a long time with fast recovery, even when under attack
Unique skills can increase teammate’s INT


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