Divina Online Beginners Quest Guide

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At the first entering of the game, you have a quest shown up and the little rabbit. To continue the game, double click at rabbit, wait a sec, hit ESC button untill the rabbit is gone. Learn about the rabbit, or should I say Daily Fortune here at "Divina Online Daily Fortune Guide"

This is the story, you are right in the future phase of the game. The Divina World has collapsed and you are one of the survivor. Your main quest is to look for a girl named Clarisse and together with her back to the past to save the world. The first quest is asking you to look for Orwell, he is right in front of you #the big frog. Then he would ask you to talk to Aydrian, which is right beside you. After talking to Aydrian, you will gained a level.
Divina Online beginners guide tutorial guide
Learn about the difference between Exclamation Mark and Question Mark here

Once level up, you can distribute your stat point to increase your status. Wait a minute! Don't do it untill you have made sure how to build your character well. First, let's concentrate on the main quest. In order to finish the main tutorial quest, just follow the quest step-by-step. The easiest way is by open your map menu and click your destination. If you have troubled how to reach your destination and can't find the targeted monster or NPC, visit this page "Divina Online How to Find Location Guide". The last main tutorial quest will bring you back to past together with Clarisse.
#make sure to finish all the side quest here because you cannot go back to this City Ruin
Divina Online Guide
However, if you are wondering about how to build your character, visit this page :
     "Divina Online Status Interface Guide"
In this page you first will learn about status in Divina Online. It will help you a lot to decide your own strategy to build your character, whether you are a Knight, Cleric, Sorcerer, Machinist, Monk or an Assassin.


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